Perry Elementary School

About The School


History of Perry Elementary School


1600 8th Street

Perry, IA   50220


BUILT in 1992


Size   115,000 Sq. Ft. Building on 26 Acres

          Could House 1,100 Students

          Has Two Separate Playgrounds

          110 Parking Spaces

          Enough Carpet To Cover Two Football Fields



•A.       Kindergarten Area

7 Kindergarten Rooms

Early Childhood Special Education Room

Pre-School Room

3 Reading Rooms

1 Room Has a Stove - Deep Sink

Each Kindergarten Room Contains Both Carpeted and Tiled Sections


•B.       Special Education  

13 Classrooms-Also Includes Independent Rooms, Restrooms, and Sinks


•C.       First - Fifth Grade Pods

6 Sections In Each Grade Level

A Small Group And A Storage Room Per Pod

A Coat Room Per Pod

                A Phone Per Classroom

                At least 2 computers per room

                A wash basin and a boys and a girls restroom per pod


•D.       Activity - Miscellaneous Rooms

Three Science Rooms

Two Art Rooms

Two Computer Labs

Music/Stage Room-Practice Room

Music/Band Room-Practice Room

Dining Room-Seating Capacity 300

Full Sized Gymnasium-Includes Adjustable and Retractable Baskets,

Six Standards For Net Games, Two Showers Per Locker Room

2 Counselor Rooms

3 ESL Rooms

2 Speech Rooms

5 Janitorial Rooms

Air Conditioning


•E.        Media Center

Capacity For 15,000 Books-Presently Have 2,500 Books

4 Independent Study Rooms

2 Small Group Rooms

Media Prep Area

AV Storage Room


•F.        Administrative

2 Reception Areas

Conference Room

2 Principal Offices

Clerical Room

Work Room

Staff Work Room

Nurse's Room-Includes 4 Beds, Shower, and Restroom


•G.       Kitchen

Steam Table


Conveyer Dishwasher

Two Convection Ovens

Two Reach In Refrigerators

One Freezer

Double Serving Line

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